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Why Us?

Work Ethics

Have you ever bought something expecting it to work as advertised and it didn’t right out of the box? Or, hired someone expecting a certain level of customer service and they didn’t deliver anything even close to what you had expected? I know that I have (and quite often) so believe me when I tell you that I understand and can relate.

We have heard countless web designer “horror stories” over the many years that we have been in business and I’ll admit that they never cease to amaze me. Web designers, like most industries can be extremely varied in the quality of the products that they produce. And with web design it can be even harder to forecast because the average person doesn’t often know too much regarding the intricacies of it all.

I’m here to tell you that it does not have to be this way. Getting a new website is supposed to be fun not stressful. We take pride in our work and build every website as if it were our own because each one is a reflection of ourselves. Your success is our success. Once you hire us we will always be here for you if you have questions, want to make any changes or simply want to chat.

We have remained in business since the Internet’s infancy in 1998 because we ALWAYS:

  1. Value our relationships with our clients
  2. Make technology easy to understand
  3. Pay attention to the details
  4. Deliver a polished finished product with a purpose
  5. and strive to become ever better

Don’t just take my word for it. Give us a call and see if you get a good feeling from the conversation. Then you can be the judge.

Passion for the Industry

The Internet never sits still. Technologies that are current today may not be current tomorrow (or even ten minutes from now). Staying addicted to technology almost to the point of being obsessive is a must for any web development agency in order to keep their clients profitable and ahead of their competition.

We spend hours each day looking at what’s next on the horizon and if we find something that could be of value we don’t rest until we figure out how to implement it. We like new and fancy things and assume that you do to.

Having a website that DOES something for you is the key. We don’t just design pretty websites. We construct useful “tools” that help businesses to solve common problems and succeed online.

Proven Process

We keep things as simple as possible. We realize that many in need of a website might not know a thing about them or even how to use a computer in some cases. The simple fact is, if you hire someone to create a website, you will need to provide them with a certain amount of information for it to best suit your needs and become a successful asset.

We have implemented a one-of-a-kind web based system which helps us to gather everything that we need from you throughout the entire course of your project. It allows us to collaborate with you while keeping everything neatly organized and easily accessible to everyone at all times. It’s even tied to email, so if you can send an email, you should have no problem using our system.

You can access it any time online via the “login” link directly above. Some of its features include:

  1. Calendars
  2. Milestones
  3. Tasks
  4. Checklists
  5. Webpage Text Manager
  6. Webpage File Uploads Manager
  7. Time & Expenses
  8. Invoicing
  9. and an Online Payment Gateway

This system is not a substitute for corresponding by phone. There will be times that we’ll call you to talk directly and vice versa because no system can replace the human experience.

Our Commitment

We spend nearly every waking minute figuring out new ways to make our client’s websites even more profitable and engaging. You are the reason we are in business and get to do what we love. We exude this gratitude in our day to day work and dealings with all of our clients.


Anthony Bennett