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Web Design

Your website is the face of your business and it speaks volumes about who you are to your visitors. It’s often the only determining factor in a potential customer’s decision to call you or use your services.

Studies show that visitors typically formulate a first impression and decide if they are going to leave your website within a mere 3 seconds! How’s that for pressure? Just think about how YOU browse the web. If you’re like me you just can’t click away fast enough sometimes.

Leading web designers understand that while good looks are vital to catching your visitor’s attention, those good looks alone aren’t enough to make your website successful. There’s actually quite a bit of science that goes into understanding user psychology and how to convert those visitors into customers once you actually have their attention.

Our website designers don’t just build something pretty and say ‘here you go’. We work with you to create a website specifically tailored to your unique needs with a purpose of converting your visitors into paying customers. It makes a huge difference.

Responsive Web Design

Let’s face it, mobiles and tablets have taken over. It’s estimated that by 2015 more people will visit your website from mobile devices and tablets than from traditional laptop and desktop computers.

All of our websites are designed to be “responsive” which means that they automatically “respond” and re-size differently to fit any screen size that they’re being viewed on. They look as good on a 70′ flat screen as they do on a wrist watch.

Why do I need a “Responsive” web design?

Ignoring mobiles now is a huge mistake for any business owner wanting to reach their entire audience across today’s influx of countless web enabled devices. Even as the list continues to grow your website will continue to fit them all automatically.

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