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 Quin Rivers administers a variety of grants for local government and other non-profit organizations as a means of both serving the community and developing non-grant revenue to supplement its own grant-funded programs.

Quin Rivers administers Virginia Dominion Power's Energy Share Program for New Kent, Charles City and King William Counties. It also manages the Department of Housing Community Development's Indoor Plumbing Program for Hanover, Charles City, New Kent and Caroline Counties.

With its excellent financial management capabilities, Quin Rivers provides a variety of financial and business services to other non-profit organizations as a means of both assisting other organizations and developing matching monies for its own grant-funded programs. See the Business section of this website for more detail on these services.

For further information on Quin Rivers' Program Administration capabilities, call Jane Little, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, at (804)966-5020, extension 326.

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