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Healthy VirginianQuin Rivers has devised a simple framework of basic needs for any individual against which we assess what might be needed in the communities we serve. We meet these needs with direct services where we are best suited to do so. At the same time, through organizing, grant-writing and management services, we help other agencies and county departments meet the needs they are best suited to provide.

We call our basic framework ‘The Healthy Virginian', and the idea is that any Virginian should: be physically safe; have sufficient nutritious food; have affordable, suitable, safe housing; have sufficient access to health care; have the skills necessary to earn a living wage; if unable to work, have access to all necessary support; have access to adequate child care; have access to adequate transportation; have the opportunity to vote; have access to necessary financial services, including tax preparation assistance; have access to necessary legal services; have access to educational resources; have access to public recreational resources; and have the opportunity to pursue personal philosophical and spiritual beliefs.

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