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Healthy CommunityIn order to live as a ‘Healthy Virginian', a citizen would have to live within a community with certain attributes and services. Quin Rivers refers to such a community as a ‘Healthy Community'. Such a community would be the source of the characteristics and community services which responsible citizens need to live decently.

Such characteristics and services would include: a low crime rate, especially with respect to violent crime; available, reasonably-priced sources of food; a good range of housing, mixed economically and ethnically; accessible hospital, community emergency and health services; job skills training; entry-level jobs; respectful and accessible public support services, such as social services and public health services; quality, affordable childcare; accessible public transportation or affordable private transportation; opportunities for civic information and engagement; community-minded banking/financial/tax services; affordable legal services or legal aid; school and learning opportunities open to the community; parks and organized recreation; and opportunities to participate in organized religion with the freedom to pursue personal spiritual and philosophical beliefs.

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