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Children's Services

Domestic and sexual abuse can have a devastating effect on children.  Project Hope at Quin Rivers provides children a safe place to express their feelings and develop coping skills to deal with the violence they have experienced or witnessed in their homes.  Group and individual supportive counseling services are provided through referrals from families, the court system, and the schools, with services often provided on school premises during the school day. This service is available for children who have witnessed or experienced domestic and sexual violence residing in New Kent, Charles City, King William and King and Queen Counties.

For services in Charles City and New Kent, call (804)966-5020, extension 322, and speak to Meagan Newland, Children’s Services Coordinator.

For services in King William or King and Queen, call (804)769-7776, extension 308, and speak to Betsy Greene Schaefer, Children’s Services Advocate.

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