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HTML5 Animation

Sometimes a website just needs a little something extra to catch a visitor’s eye and give them a reason to stay on your webpage. Elegant touches of animation can be a great tool to do just that.

Website animation can also be used strategically to guide a user’s interaction. When done properly it can help to drive visitors through a specific process of signing up, exploring your product or even making a purchase.

Note – Animated websites have taken a lot of criticism recently because many of them were done using Flash™. To sum it up, Flash was an animation technology which Apple (Steve Jobs in particular) decided not to support on their iPhones. It instantly made us all have to rethink how we animate on the web moving forward. It was also invisible to search engines which was terrible. We now animate using HTML5 which works beautifully on iPhones, other mobiles and tablets. And it can be read and indexed by search engines too. Its the best way to go..

We have been working with HTML5 since it first hit the web and are able to build some pretty incredible things with it.

Some Possibilities

  1. Animated Intros
  2. Custom Slideshows
  3. Still Photographs Brought to Life
  4. Interactive Maps
  5. Product Breakdowns
  6. Cartoon Mascots
  7. Eye-Catching Buttons
  8. Presentations
  9. Tutorials
  10. eCards